How We Do Fuel

We have 16 years of experience delivering fuel via bobtail, transport, and wet hosing. We know that a full tank load is sometimes more than you need and we are happy to supply whatever your bulk or on-site fuel needs are. Diesel Dogs can provide on-site tanks that best fit your needs – we carry a vast inventory of tanks for jobsite needs or more permanent tanks for your business. It is impossible to predict when an emergency will occur – Diesel Dogs has emergency services available to help 24/7 with your bulk, wet hose and generator needs. As a supplier of BlueSky DEF, we are able to supply DEF in 2.5g jugs, 55g drums, totes and bulk. We also provide a variety of additives for all seasons.

Generator Fuel Service Overview

Does your office, industrial building, hospital, cell phone tower, or even your multi-day outdoor special event have standby generators? Diesel Dogs specializes in fueling all types of generators when time is of the essence, and we also supply fuel treatments to keep your generator fuel healthy and free from untimely glitches or stoppages. We can also ensure fuel integrity with fuel sampling and testing. These tests can check for water and sediment that can negatively affect your fuel quality.

Our tankwagon team can keep your generator fueled so you never have to worry about back up power for your facility. We work with multiple generator manufacturers and providers to ensure great quality service and product to our customers.