Hydraulic power transmission equipment is an essential part of modern industrial operations. Hydraulic power is the most widely used type pf “fluid” power; fluids include both liquids and gases. The liquid we offer is our Diesel Dogs Dakota brand depending on the viscosity of hydraulic fluid recommended for hydraulic gear pumps, rotary vane hydraulic pumps or high pressure piston hydraulic pumps.

Dakota Hydraulic AW series is a premium grade, anti-wear hydraulic fluid formulated to meet the stringent operating requirements of positive displacement, high pressure, high speed hydraulic pumps.

The primary function of a hydraulic fluid is to act as a medium for transmitting power. The oil should be highly stable, readily filterable, protect critical system components from rust and corrosion, and act as a coolant to remove excessive heat generated during system operation.
Another vital function of a hydraulic oil is protecting the pump against wear. As long as the lubrication of a given piece of equipment remains on the hydrodynamic region, the fluid film is provided by the oil alone is adequate. Once boundary lubrication is reached, when fluid film becomes very thin, additives are required. The function of an anti-wear additive is to reduce wear at the contact surfaces which in turn minimizes the circulation of wear debris. In systems containing vane or gear pumps which operate at pressures in excess of 1,000 psi and/or at speeds over 1200 rpm, Dakota Hydraulic AW is beneficial in minimizing pump wear, and in many cases necessary to assure satisfactory operation. In many systems containing piston pumps particularly the axial type, satisfactory operation at pressures of 3500 psi to 5000 psi has been achieved with non-anti-wear type oils. However, some manufacturers specify anti-wear hydraulic oils for this application and these anti-wear oils may be required to satisfy other components in the system.

Careful selection of metals and the workmanship are necessary requirements in the production of pumps capable of generating the high pressures in today’s hydraulic systems. Pump efficiency depends not only on the precision of manufacture, but also on proper maintenance during the life of the system. The hydraulic fluid has the job of protecting the precision pump. Therefore, it also should be considered a precision material and should be selected with great care.

Dakota Hydraulic AW is a light-colored, premium, anti-wear hydraulic oil series blended from high quality paraffin base stocks with excellent stability. It is rust and oxidation inhibited and contains a specially selected anti-foamant which permits very rapid release of entrained air. This latter point is important since entrained air will cause system sponginess, thus, affecting the rapidity and accuracy of system response. Dakota Hydraulic AW also contains a very effective zincdithiophosphate an anti-wear agent that helps minimize wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps while meeting the lubrication requirements of axial piston pumps having bronze on steel metallurgy.

The service of any hydraulic fluid is dependent upon many variables such as temperature, pressure, agitation or pumping rate, contamination, catalytic effect of metals and similar factors. Depending on the magnitude of these various factors, the service life of the same fluid in similar systems operating under apparently similar conditions will vary widely. For this reason, it is almost impossible to predict service life. Field experience has shown that a premium hydraulic fluid such as Dakota Hydraulic AW can extend the interval between drain periods for a particular piece of equipment many times over that obtained with lower quality oils.