C is for “Compression”. A two cycle diesel engine sucks and squeezes and a four cycle diesel engine suck, squeeze, bang, blow.

Turning the key or pushing a start button on a Diesel Engine sends a signal to the battery then to the starter that engages the fly wheel that turns the crankshaft connected to a number rods, pistons and pulleys that turn fans, blowers, coolers also the diesel fuel pump sending fuel thru lines that have injectors inside the cylinder chamber producing a fine mist of fuel that gets compressed when the rods connected to the crankshaft close the valves with the piston at the highest point igniting then exploding particles of fuel forcing the piston back down to begin the process all over again.

This is a violent process that requires the best DEO for today’s new and old Diesel Engines. There are different Diesel Engines in the market place with old and new American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements. Make sure that your Diesel Engines have the best DEO creating a lubricant film to avoid metal to metal contact and avoid excessive wear.

DEO’s have many functions to perform, good cranking ability, keep the engine clean, cool, hold particles in suspension to name a few duties. The “w” that follows the nomenclatures of Engine Oil stands for “winter” which means the Engine Oil has been tested for colder climates. An important feature for northern areas.

Dakota Brand Lubricants meet or exceed these stringent requirements. Are you getting the most out of your DEO by extending drain intervals. Test! Don’t guess! Call Diesel Dogs qualified lubricant specialists today.